Historical Lessons Not Learned

By: Howard Williams

After watching the PBS series  Africa’s Great Civilizations by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. I had mixed feelings, as I am quite sure most of you who had watched it.

Sometimes enlightenment brings more questions. However the knowledge gained from the series was outstanding.

So here is my take. Regardless of the great knowledge, art and all the resources that came out of Africa. Greed has been prevalent throughout mans history and greed is still prevalent as part of mans history today.

When a human being will sell another human being for money and power all morality is gone. So the question for me is what role did religion play then and what role does religion play today in society?

African Americans will still sell there brothers, sisters and children down the river for power and money. 

The players have changed but the game remains the same.



The Paralyzation Of Fear

By: Howard Williams

Lets not paralyze our children with fear, for they will not pursue their dreams.

All children have dreams and it is our mission as adults to help them fulfill their dreams.

We must teach them to be cautious not fearful as they go down that road. Because fear is paralyzing.

However at the same time we must be brutally honest with our children. Let them know that there is no Santa Claus or a Fairy God Mother that will just give them everything they dream of.

That as they grow up there will be some pain and frustration as they pursue there dreams. But that is a road they have to walk down alone and that we love them.

We must let them know that there is no straight road from where they are now to where they want to go. There will be twists and turns, and forks in the road, a metaphor, based on a literal expression, for a deciding moment in life or history when a major choice of options is required.

Our children must also understand there will be rest stops along the way ( working temporary jobs that they do not want or mistakes they may make that will slow them down ). They must realize that these are only rest stops, not the destination. Those rest stops only become the destination when they are to lazy to get up and do the hard work necessary to move forward.

They may ask. How will I know when I have gotten to my destination? When I am happy!  Your answer should be “no “. You will know you have gotten to your destination when your are content , because happiness is not a constant it comes and goes.


Home Improvement General Contractor vs General Contractor vs Handyman

By: Howard Williams

Your home is the most important asset you own. It’s value or appreciation will depend on the quality of repairs, improvements or additions you make over the years.

So therefor you must understand what the different qualifications are of the individuals you have working on projects in and around your home.

There are three types of individuals that most people hire to do work in or around their home.

The most qualified is a Licensed Home Improvement General Contractor who is qualified in all aspects of home improvement. Then there is the Licensed Limited Home Improvement Contractor who is only licensed in one or more fields such as

  • Residential roofing
  • Residential siding, windows, and doors
  • Residential deck installation
  • Residential basement waterproofing
  • Residential prefabricated fireplaces and wood or coal stoves
  • Residential masonry fireplaces
  • Residential fencing
  • Residential sidewalks and driveway approaches
  • Residential exterior lathing and stucco
  • Residential swimming pools and spas
  • Residential asphalt paving
  • Residential irrigation sprinkler

 Also there is the Licensed General Contractor who manages.

  • Construction of all new structures or buildings (excluding accessory structures and garages for existing 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings).
  • Structural additions, alterations or repairs to existing commercial or multi-family dwellings and accessory structures or buildings.

    Multi-family buildings are defined as any dwelling or building that contains 4 or more dwelling units.

  • Coordinate and manage the modification, alteration, or repair of existing 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings. The General Contractor is required to subcontract all work to City of Columbus Licensed Home Improvement General Contractor, Licensed Mechanical Contractor, Licensed Electrical Contractor and Licensed Plumbing Contractor that will perform the work with their own hands or see that the work is properly accomplished under their direct supervision.

Lets not forget the valuable Handyman which I started out as. However are limited as to the projects they are qualified to undertake.

So before you hire anyone to work in or around your home make sure you know their limitations. 

When you try to save money by asking someone who has a few skills to take on a project they are not licensed or qualified to do will cost you twice as much to undo. 

Remember a Licensed Home Improvement General Contractor is where you should start and they usually are also a Licensed General Contractor

Quid Pro Quo

By: Howard Williams

There are very important things that should be added to the education of African American children at a very early age.

Money Management.  How to manage and save money.

Understanding the difference between wants and needs. And how it will determine their survival and standard of living.

Quid Pro Quo, is the most important thing they must understand.

All the above must be understood by our children. However quid pro quo, which our system is based on will determine their success. It’s what they bring to the table.

African American children must clearly understand there is no such thing as entitlement. As cruel as it sounds someone in society must benefit from their existence. So they must determine early how and what they are going to bring to the table before someone determines it for them. No one does something for nothing there will always be some type of benefit for them. 

Ignorance is the biggest trap waiting for African American children.

Our children must understand a skill will earn them money and the more skills the more money earned. Knowing how to spend money on what they truly need to survive and properly managing the rest. Before they know it some of their wants become needs.

Example: If you are earning minimum wage you cannot afford a $700.00 smart phone, it should not be in the budget. Knowing what your friends are up to will not put food on the table. However if you understand it is a mini computer and can be used as a tool to acquire information for educational improvement to earn more money than minimum wage you have turned the $700.00 phone into a need. 

For the First Time, Lady Liberty Depicted as a Woman of Color on U.S. Currency

When I first saw this coin Lady Liberty Depicted As A Black Women on U.S. Currency I was amazed at how beautiful it looked. I immediately wanted to own one. The coins will be available to the public on April 6.


Coins like this do not circulate for everyday use, but are minted for collectors in limited quantities. There will be 100,000 of them with the black Lady Liberty. They will sell for far more than face value, depending on the value of gold, currently more than $1,000 an ounce.

Because of the limited number of gold coins being minted 100,000, and the investors that will purchase them within minutes of their release. The cost to purchase one of these coins will be prohibitive for most Black Americans.

Please petition the U. S. Mint  to produce more of these gold coins. You can also purchase coins through the U. S. Mint website.

Stu:  January 14, 2017 at 9:16 AM

The price of the coins isn’t mentioned in the press releases. The face value of the coin is $100. The cost, however, will likely be significantly more.

For example, the Walking Liberty 2016 Centennial Gold Coin, which is 1/2 ounce of 24k gold costs – as of this writing (1/14/17) – $840. The new coin is going to be 1 ounce of 24k gold and will likely be more than that.

Gold coins from the mint fluctuate in price due to the fluid price of gold. It would have been nice if the coins had been minted in silver uncirculated and proof versions. Those generally cost around $50-$60 dollars for a “Silver Dollar.” My guess is that these coins won’t be for the average citizen. Too bad…

Stu:  January 14, 2017 at 9:21 AM

Correction: There will be coins for “the rest of us.” The Mint’s press release said, “A corresponding series of medals struck in .999 silver, with the same designs featured on the gold coins, will also be available.”


Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality Definition (n.) different version of events; different version of the world

Examples: In my perfect alternate reality the majority of African Americans would be entrepreneurs, control their wealth, control their education system, control those who represent them. And I would be six feet tall, a millionaire, and married to Michelle Obama.

But as African Americans we can not continue to live in an alternate reality! We African Americans must make our alternate reality our reality.

Donald Trump will be our next President. That is the reality. We can not hope everything will be ok and pretend he will be Americas President in an alternate reality.

African Americans must become an unstoppable force that meets an immovable object. Even though in simple terms the laws of physics states they will cancel each other out.

However it is imperative that we test the laws of physics and see what happens. The best outcome is that we become truly one nation. The worst that can happen is things remain the same. So we have nothing to lose.




The Stench In The Air

There is a stench in the air. You can smell it a mile away! It comes from the fear in the black community.

Are we in the black community so weak that we cannot protect our children, our young girls at that?  Officer Slams Young Girl To The Floor Do not let your first response be what did she do? That’s not the point. The point is no matter what she did she did not deserve that kind of treatment.
This is why our children do not respect black adults in the community.
We bring them into the world but we will not protect them or their future.
We continue to accept the line, it is under investigation. Code words for get over it. And we do!
Respect is the one thing you must demand.

After watching the video I became sick. I visualized that being my daughter and my violent tendencies came to the forefront. Not that there have not been other videos.

I will no longer be politically correct. I will not continue to accept excuses from the black community. Being liked and getting along is no longer an option for me. If you can’t handle why I feel that way stay away from me. We do not have time to argue or debate the issues. We all know what the problems are.

Brothers, our sisters are doing everything they can to save us. As they have throughout our history in this country. However they can only do so much.

The educated brothers of the community must bring something to the table to solve the communities problems and stop hiding behind their jobs or our sisters skirts. Brothers, you must man up or start wearing a skirt so we in the community can know who the pretenders are.

The brothers with the trade skills in the community must stop worrying about another brother getting ahead of you and work together so we all get ahead and pass on our knowledge to the next generation so we can rebuild our own community.  

When Talking To Young People About Their Future

After talking to many minority young people over the years about their future I am left with the feeling that they are so confused. The answers they give about their future remind me of the words in the song by Otis Redding Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay .

Most of the time our minority youth feel it is hopeless. Everyone is telling them what to do. But know one is showing them how to do it.

Our minority youth feel abandoned by their own community, let alone the whole system. Which image below are we willing to make sacrifices for?

nstn-despair                         home-improvement

A new year has begun. 2016 should have been a wake up call to all black people. When someone has no respect for you and you continue to do the same things you’ve done in the past and expect a different result. That, as they say is insane.

Our children’s future will depend on a new vision by everyone in the black community.

We must get rid of our political pretenders. If they have done nothing for the community in the past they will do nothing for the community in the future. 



The Most Important Sense

As a young child I used to hear older people say use your sixth sense. 

Perceive by a sense or senses. discern, feel, observe, notice, recognize, pick up (on), be aware of, distinguish, make out, identify comprehend, apprehend, see, appreciate, realize; suspect, have a funny feeling about, have a hunch about, divine, intuit;  informal catch on to.

By using our sixth sense daily, we African Americans should never be surprised by what happens to us. We should have seen it coming and have been prepared for it. Power over us did not come in a vacuum. It is practiced daily.

Nothing ever happens to us by accident. There is always a cause and effect.


The Missing Number. 73.5

By, Howard Williams

As I began to look at the number of black males graduating from both High School and College I was encouraged.

However, I like to look at both sides of an equation.

The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males, examines the graduation rate for black males in public high schools. The report finds a 47 percent national graduation rate for black males. If that is so what happens to the 53 percent that do not graduate from high school? 

Why Are Graduation Rates So Low

Now let us look at the college graduation rate for black males. For the past four years the college graduation rate now stands at 35 percent. Again I ask the question what happens to the 65 percent that do not graduate from college.

Black Student College Graduation Rate

In order not to leave any means of higher education out of the equation. Lets consider community college and vocational trades certification.

Why are graduation rates at community colleges so low

So I am going to keep the numbers so that I can understand, using 100 black males as a benchmark.

  1. 16.5 black males out of 100 black males graduate college.
  2. 10 black males out of 100 black males has a community college degree or a vocational training certificate.
  3. 20.5 black male high school graduates out every 100 black males with no formal higher education.
  4. 53 out of every 100 black males with not even a high school diploma.

So, if my numbers are close. That means approximately 73.5 black males out every 100 black males have no higher education or skilled trades training. And yet this is acceptable in the minority community with no solutions.

Lets at least start here!  National Skilled Trades Network