Opportunities Abandoned By Minorities

Times have changed and our community has not kept up. When you lead from behind your just a follower.

The minority community has all but abandoned the skilled trades as a field of employment for their children. Most of the community believes it does not take much skill to repair, remodel or rehab property and anybody with limited knowledge and a view tools can do it.

Because of the knowledge required in the skilled trades today. It takes some initial classroom training and then actual on the job training in the field of interest. There are very few places for young people to acquire this training. And that is where the community has failed its young people.

I am going to try and explain why it is important for our young people to enter this lucrative field. Let me start with this brief slide show Property Fire Damaged Rehab. All the companies that worked on this rehab project except one was a minority company. Just this one project created work for 5 minority companies plus their employees. And yet their is a shortage of skilled workers. Also minority Baby Boomers who have years of knowledge that are beginning to retire are only able to pass their knowledge on to just a small number of minority young people.

Although this Property Fire Damaged Rehab project may not seem large enough to need that many trades. Local building codes require a building permit and therefor every company that worked on this project had to have a license because all work is inspected by local building code inspectors. And building codes change constantly. Remember there is no such thing as a jack of all trades.

Here are the skilled trades that were involved on this project. And all had to be knowledgeable of the new building codes.

  1. Demolition and Debris Hauler 
  2. Structural Engineer
  3. Framing Carpenter
  4. Electrician
  5. Insulation Installer
  6. Drywall Installer and Finisher
  7. Interior and Exterior Painter
  8. Roofing, Siding and Gutter Installer
  9. Masonry and Concrete Installer

Those that become qualified can earn up to $25.00 an hour. Those that become licensed contractors earns a minimum of 10% of each project cost. And yet some in the community would rather their child do nothing than pursue a skilled trade.



5 thoughts on “Opportunities Abandoned By Minorities

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  2. Very informative! What is the recommended solution? What minority companies are offering training programs and are minorities being recruited for the training? If so, are they completing the training programs, if not, why?


    • These are all very Important questions. And I wish I had answers for them all. Here is my take. Unfortunately there are some that will be left behind because the school system has failed them and they may not be willing to address their academic shortcomings. For those that are willing to do what it takes, there should be 1 centrally located location run by minorities that are willing to address every aspect of recruiting, training and job placement. Let’s break this down into 2 parts. The first part is the basic training that has to be done in a class room and shop environment for a minimum of six months, with input from minority companies in the industry. The second part will be minority companies becoming familiar with the program and its students and offering them a six month OJT opportunity.


  3. Just think, is everyone on this email blast would be willing to make a small investment of $500.00 dollars.
    (Or whatever you can afford) We ca buy, rehab and sell our own property’s. We could have an Attorney put something in place to protect you’re investment. We all need to work on first trusting and then working with each other. Every other group knows this and implement’s there own plans. We can provide our own training with the rehabs. There would be a 3-4 month turnaround depending on the amount that needs to be rehabbed.


    • Michael. Your thinking is the type of out of the box thinking that we need in the community. Those inside the community that help themselves will move forward. Those that look for someone outside the community to help will be sadly disappointed.


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