Our Alternate Reality

By: Howard Williams

We all live in an Alternate Reality, believing something that isn’t true. Lets take the Ford Motor Company logo for example. 

Image result for ford logo Something you have seen thousands of times. However, do you ever remember the letter F ever having that pigtail? It has always been there. Yet some people believe it was never there and would attempt to defend the fact that it was never there. Even though the truth says otherwise. So the question for all of us becomes. What do we believe and why do we believe it? No matter the truth! 

So therefore with Alternate Reality comes alternative facts.

Here are some alternative facts that are believed by some in our community.  

  1. Our politicians will make sure we benefit as much as other communities from the system we pay into.
  2. There is no such thing as institutional racism.
  3. The community takes care of all of its children. 
  4. Entrepreneurship and self governance is beyond the communities capabilities.   

    If the majority of the community believes any of the above, then just like Trump the majority in the community is living in an Alternate Reality. And will attempt to marginalize those in the community that know the truth.


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