Quid Pro Quo

By: Howard Williams

There are very important things that should be added to the education of African American children at a very early age.

Money Management.  How to manage and save money.

Understanding the difference between wants and needs. And how it will determine their survival and standard of living.

Quid Pro Quo, is the most important thing they must understand.

All the above must be understood by our children. However quid pro quo, which our system is based on will determine their success. It’s what they bring to the table.

African American children must clearly understand there is no such thing as entitlement. As cruel as it sounds someone in society must benefit from their existence. So they must determine early how and what they are going to bring to the table before someone determines it for them. No one does something for nothing there will always be some type of benefit for them. 

Ignorance is the biggest trap waiting for African American children.

Our children must understand a skill will earn them money and the more skills the more money earned. Knowing how to spend money on what they truly need to survive and properly managing the rest. Before they know it some of their wants become needs.

Example: If you are earning minimum wage you cannot afford a $700.00 smart phone, it should not be in the budget. Knowing what your friends are up to will not put food on the table. However if you understand it is a mini computer and can be used as a tool to acquire information for educational improvement to earn more money than minimum wage you have turned the $700.00 phone into a need. 


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