Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality Definition (n.) different version of events; different version of the world

Examples: In my perfect alternate reality the majority of African Americans would be entrepreneurs, control their wealth, control their education system, control those who represent them. And I would be six feet tall, a millionaire, and married to Michelle Obama.

But as African Americans we can not continue to live in an alternate reality! We African Americans must make our alternate reality our reality.

Donald Trump will be our next President. That is the reality. We can not hope everything will be ok and pretend he will be Americas President in an alternate reality.

African Americans must become an unstoppable force that meets an immovable object. Even though in simple terms the laws of physics states they will cancel each other out.

However it is imperative that we test the laws of physics and see what happens. The best outcome is that we become truly one nation. The worst that can happen is things remain the same. So we have nothing to lose.





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