The Stench In The Air

There is a stench in the air. You can smell it a mile away! It comes from the fear in the black community.

Are we in the black community so weak that we cannot protect our children, our young girls at that?  Officer Slams Young Girl To The Floor Do not let your first response be what did she do? That’s not the point. The point is no matter what she did she did not deserve that kind of treatment.
This is why our children do not respect black adults in the community.
We bring them into the world but we will not protect them or their future.
We continue to accept the line, it is under investigation. Code words for get over it. And we do!
Respect is the one thing you must demand.

After watching the video I became sick. I visualized that being my daughter and my violent tendencies came to the forefront. Not that there have not been other videos.

I will no longer be politically correct. I will not continue to accept excuses from the black community. Being liked and getting along is no longer an option for me. If you can’t handle why I feel that way stay away from me. We do not have time to argue or debate the issues. We all know what the problems are.

Brothers, our sisters are doing everything they can to save us. As they have throughout our history in this country. However they can only do so much.

The educated brothers of the community must bring something to the table to solve the communities problems and stop hiding behind their jobs or our sisters skirts. Brothers, you must man up or start wearing a skirt so we in the community can know who the pretenders are.

The brothers with the trade skills in the community must stop worrying about another brother getting ahead of you and work together so we all get ahead and pass on our knowledge to the next generation so we can rebuild our own community.  


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