Our Children Are Worth More Than Thirty Pieces Of Silver

What will it take for the minority community to become creators of technology rather than just consumers of technology.

What is it that keeps minority children from learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, when historically Africans were the masters of these fields. It is not that our children cannot learn these skills. There is something more sinister happening. 

We must begin to hold everyone in the community accountable. Be willing to call everyone out for betraying our children. Our politicians who lead from some ones behind. Our school administrators who believe not all minority children can learn. If administrators believe that, they have bought into the conspiracy. All children can learn and are eager to learn. We must call out the parents for their neglect regardless if their feelings get hurt. And stop listening to parents whine about how hard it is. Its hard on everybody. Get over it. Its our children’s future that is at stake.

We can no longer be blind to what is happening to our children. Or continue to be willing to sacrifice our children’s future for 30 pieces of silver. 

Enough is enough I am tired of listening to excuses from adults. Our children are looking to us for the truth, yet we lie to them everyday. Especially this time of year.

The world is changing faster than we think. Computer technology will be running our entire economy in the near future. The only jobs that will be outside of the computer field that will pay  a descent income will be those jobs that require a craftsman and even some of those jobs will require some basic knowledge of computer technology. All future jobs will require knowledge in computer coding, data analysis, computer hardware installation and maintenance. 

Preschoolers Learning Computer Coding

When they start teaching their preschoolers computer coding, that should be a wake up call to the minority community either start teaching your children the sciences or they will be left behind again.  

Howard Williams 






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