Lets Stop Blaming Our Children For The Situation They Find Themselves In

We in the minority community have neglected our youth and young adults for a number of years. We have limited their opportunities based on our expectations.

We have pushed our children towards college, which is not bad. Yet we and they were unprepared if they did not finish college. We failed to look at the numbers. We failed to take a realistic view and never even considered the what ifs.  What if they do not finish college? How are they going to pay back their college loans? What skills will they have to earn a decent living. Will they ever leave my house and stop borrowing money from me?

Now that some of us are willing to take some of the blame that we put on our children. Where do we go from hear? Lets start with an old debate.

W.E.B Deboise vs Booker T Washington

Both gentlemen had valid arguments that still apply today. However if you only focus on one side of the argument and never consider the other side of the argument you end up where we are today. We can not all be intellectuals and yet we can still be intelligent. Just as we all can not be craftsmen and yet we still can be handy. In order to help our children we have to help them become aware that there are two ways to contribute to society and earn a decent living. Only limited by ones skills.  

Let me put it to you like this. When an intellectual’s furnace goes out in the middle of winter they will not call another intellectual to discuss how to fix it.

So until we begin to respect our craftsman, those that work with their hands for the knowledge and skills they have we will always short change our children. Also, if your child were skilled enough to hand someone a bill for services like the bills you have been getting for services you may go work for your child.

So lets start making some investments into the other side of the equation in order for our children to truly have options. And maybe one day you can borrow money from them.

Skilled Trades Education

See How Much We Value Our Youth

Yet we contribute to causes that do not benefit our young men directly. We depend on the government to do it. And you see how that is working out. And if you think it is bad now just what for what will happen in the near future.







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