White Supremacy Is Real

If we African Americans did not understand what happened after the last election. It should be obvious to us by now what happened.

We were told loudly and clearly by white America, this is our country and there will be no multiculturalism in America. The view that the various cultures in a society merit equal respect and scholarly interest.

White supremacy is real. And we can no longer pretend that it is not. We can continue to believe and keep saying to ourselves that it will get better some day. However, realistically it will get worse if we continue down the path we have been going down for decades. 

We have to begin looking inward for our survival. We must work together no matter what. There Is no more time for debate. It does not matter who in the community the best ideas come from or who gets the credit. There is only time for action. Leadership is action not position.

Example: Black Wall Street http://www.greenwoodculturalcenter.com/black-wall-street

The Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, housed one of the most successful Black economies in American history. The area is, now, commonly referred to as “The Black Wall Street.” Most of the businesses and homes were burned down in the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. 

We have done it before in our history and we can do it again. We are better educated as a whole than we have ever been in this country.





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