Afraid Of The Obvious Solution



noun  so·lu·tion \sə-ˈlü-shən\

Simple Definition of solution

  • : something that is used or done to deal with and end a problem : something that solves a

  •   problem

  • : the act of solving something

  • : a correct answer to a problem, puzzle, etc.

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary
Over the past 50 to 60 years there have been lots of research and thousands of books and articles written on the reasons the African Americans have not really progressed in America. Yet we fail to see or acknowledge the obvious solutions for progress. 
We can say there are many reasons for the lack of progress in the African American community. However we must deal with the reality, that the reason is fear. We are afraid of white America.
Throughout history white Americans have shown how violent they can be when you threaten their way of life ( Control ) or their existence as they see it.   
So what is the solution since we know what the problem is. Our self appointed and political leaders have no solutions. Violent confrontation is futile. So marching is a waste of time and energy.
I am going to use a term that will insure long term progress in the African American community and that will send most African Americans running to the hills and to hide in the bushes. The obvious solution for African American progress is Self Determination. Dare I say it. Fundamental right of all people to freely decide own political status and to freely pursue own cultural, economic, and social development. As written in the United States Constitution.
Let me give you just 1 local example, Dublin Ohio. The community determines it’s own destiny and no outsider can change that.  What property values will be. What’s taught in their schools. Who polices their community. What stores and industry can exist in the community. 
So what is the fear? African Americans must stake out their territory, then control it’s destiny and economy.

3 thoughts on “Afraid Of The Obvious Solution

  1. Absolutely! Maybe those of us who are not afraid should form a statewide economic development initiative and create our own Black Wall Street with transparency. Also, make sure no one is able to steal the money. No pyramid schemes, but excellent business development that create real jobs and investment in our communities. Create our own non-profit organizations to uplift our people. Those that done want to participate, leave them alone!

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