Deja Vu Over and Over Again

It seems as though we have been here many times before. We continue to believe things have changed for the better and it has for some. However at what cost.

I am reminded of a story that was told to me. There was this brother standing in front of a black owned corner store and a black older lady went pass the black owned corner store to cross the street to go to the white owned corner store to buy some ice. On her way back the brother asked her why did you cross the street to by ice when this store sells ice at the same price. Her response was, his ice is colder. Think about that!

We are running from our families and our communities because his ice is colder. Running from the people we know best. The people that will be there for us. Ones we can trust. The ones that will always watch our backs.

We try and justify it all by saying. Some of our people, including ones from our own families just don’t want anything better. They are just lazy. If they would just work harder. Not understanding that the system as it is today and has always been, is not designed for us all to prosper no matter what.

We all believe in God. And God will make it better one day we say to ourselves. Yet we do not take the time to use the greatest tool that God has given us. Our minds collectively. We use our minds individually. What’s in it for me? Not what’s in it for us?  There is no strength in a chain when all the links are separated.


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