Help Me Understand The Psychology

New Black Wallstreet

If you don’t support your own people; you will be dependent on other people for all your needs.

Every race in America buys from their own people except black folk. We are the only race who willingly gives our money to our oppressors. This is why all the other nations that have come to America have become rich, while we who have been here for over 500 years are still at the bottom of the economic pool. By supporting other nations businesses and not our own; other nations have become rich and we have  stayed poor. And since we don’t own many businesses; we have to depend on other people’s businesses to supply all our needs. This is why the other nations rule over us, because we support them instead of each other.

From a concerned African American. Someone please help me understand the psychology of this madness.

If we get bad service from our black barber or hairdresser we find another black barber or hairdresser. We don’t go to another ethnic group for those services.

However when it comes to other services, needs or commodities we go to someone else. We say minority businesses give bad service or they charge to much no matter how professional or qualified they are. We never get bad service or are charged to much by any other ethnic group. If you believe that you are not being genuine. The reality is that we believe we are entitled to favors from minority businesses.

Example: As a minority professionally qualified licensed, bonded and insured home improvement contractor with years of experience that warranties all work for a year, ” not a handyman ” sometimes I am told that my prices are to high even though my prices are in range with all qualified home improvement contractors. Those with limited skills will have a lower price to get in the door. And yes we all have been there.

We must take some the blame for poor services we get from some minority businesses.




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